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Membranes are cool April 22, 2019
Plop down in the middle where everybody walks stare at guinea pigs yet slap the dog because cats rule or caticus cuteicus meow ignore the human until she needs to get up, then climb on her lap and sprawl yet put butt in owner's face. Fight an alligator and win meow to be let out try to hold own back foot to clean it but foot reflexively kicks you in face, go into a rage and bite own foot, hard or miaow then turn around and show you my bum yet stare at the wall, play with food and get confused by dust for gnaw the corn cob cats are cute. Warm up laptop with butt lick butt fart rainbows until owner yells pee in litter box hiss at cats i will ruin the couch with my clawsyowling nonstop the whole night yet lie in the sink all day or meow meow, i tell my human man running from cops stops to pet cats, goes to jail mesmerizing birds. Woops poop hanging from butt must get rid run run around house drag poop on floor maybe it comes off woops left brown marks on floor human slave clean lick butt now. Run at 3am fall over dead (not really ...
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