Discontinuance of Water Service for Nonpayment

AWWA Policy Statement on Discontinuance of Water Service for Nonpayment

AWWA recognizes the importance of the nondiscriminatory billing and collection procedures to ensure that each customer pays for the services rendered by the utility under its rates and tariffs. Failure on the part of the customer to pay a water bill for services rendered necessitates that other customers bear the costs associated with the non‐payment of water service.

AWWA recognizes that certain circumstances may require some flexibility because water service is a necessity in maintaining sanitary conditions in the home, and may be required for life‐sustaining equipment, or for other critical purposes. Water service may also be a vital part of industrial and commercial operations. Discontinuance of water service for nonpayment is considered a final phase of a collection procedure and should be instituted with sufficient notification when all other reasonable alternatives, such as payment plans or specific customer assistance programs, have been exhausted.

Practices specified in this policy statement are consistent with all other pertinent AWWA policy statements.

Adopted by the Board of Directors Jan. 28, 1978, revised Jan. 31, 1982, reaffirmed on Jan. 27, 1991, and revised June 17, 2001, revised Jan. 16, 2005, reaffirmed by the Board of Directors Jan. 20, 2013. Revised by the Board of Directors June 11, 2017.