ANSI-accredited standards of minimum requirements

For more than 100 years AWWA has developed voluntary standards of minimum requirements, materials, equipment and practices used in water treatment supply. They are used by thousands of manufacturers, distributors and facilities worldwide to ensure the highest quality products and service.


Latest Standards

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Standards are a valuable resource

"AWWA has served the members and the water industry by dedicating staff and volunteer resources to this core program and has succeeded in enabling the continued development and expansion of industry standards"

- Paul Olson

Contents of a Standard

Explanation. Each standard contains an overview of what an AWWA Standard is.

Committee Personnel.  Standards list the expert volunteers that are responsible for creating the standard. 

Use of this Standard.  The most important section of the foreword, it includes your options and alternatives. 

Body of the Standard.  Standards are divided into six sections:

I. General – provides the s cope, purpose and application of the standard 
II. Documents referenced
III. Definitions of terms used 
IV. Requirements – minimum requirements for a product to meet the prescribed standard 
V. Verification – tests for materials and manufacturing processes to ensure product quality 
VI. Delivery – how the product can be packaged, marked and shipped

Appendices. These contain additional guidance and reference materials to aid the use of the standard.


Standard Notices


Standards Program

Each AWWA Standard is developed by a dedicated volunteer committee and is subjected to a rigorous formal approval process.


Join a Committee

Give back to the water community by helping to develop or update an AWWA Standard. Find a Standards Committee of Interest.


Technical Inquiries

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