Benchmarking is a form of continuous improvement designed to help utilities to improve their overall operational efficiency and effectiveness.  Through the AWWA Utility Benchmarking Program, utilities can use established performance indicators to track their own performance and  identify areas that could be improved. The AWWA Utility Benchmarking Program provides these objective performance measures  to track  organizational performance through an on-line survey and data portal.

Buried No Longer

A critical first step in asset management- Made easy!

Buried No Longer® is an online economic forecasting tool for pipe repair and replacement


CyanoTox 2.0

This updated tool builds on the success of its predecessor in helping utilities calculate their system’s oxidation options for cyanotoxins, while adding new features including:

  • pH range has been expanded to 6-10
  • 95%-confidence intervals added for reactions where natural microcystin mixtures may have different rates
  • Microcystin kinetics (based on MC-LR) now have suggested relative rates for some other variants
  • Increased validation of the model’s kinetics, to be published in peer-reviewed articles.

Flange Torque Calculator

This online interactive tool can be used in conjunction with AWWA’s Manual M11 to determine the recommended torque ranges and other important flange details, gasket stresses, and bolt yield loads.


The AWWA Guidance and Tool represents a voluntary, sector-specific approach for adopting the NIST Cybersecurity Framework as expressed by the Water Sector Coordinating Council. The Cybersecurity Guidance Tool generates a prioritized list of recommended controls based on specific characteristics of the utility.

Hypochlorite Assessment Model

To support our utility members, AWWA has developed a web-based predictive modeling tool (Copyright 2011 AWWA) intended to provide member users with approximate guidance on the degradation of hypochlorite and levels of selected degradation byproducts at their sites.

Water Audit Software v5.0

This spreadsheet-based water audit tool is designed to help quantify and track water losses associated with water distribution systems and identify areas for improved efficiency and cost recovery. It provides a "top-down" summary water audit format, and is not meant to take the place of a full-scale, comprehensive water audit format.